An important note about Think Grand from Dave Woods

To my Escondido friends and followers of Think Grand:

The Think Grand website is temporarily but intentionally offline.

As you’ve probably noticed, there hasn’t been much activity on Think Grand for a few years now. I will explain the full reasons for this in the near future.

However, as it relates to the website... Think Grand has always been a volunteer side effort for me. My full-time job commitments have prevented me from giving the website the attention it deserves for quite awhile. As a result, it is in need of some content and technical updates that I simply do not have time to complete right now.

Rather than leave a broken website online that could confuse visitors, I thought it was best to display this update message instead to keep you in the loop.

In the coming months, I will update the site and publish a more formal announcement about Think Grand. Thank you for your understanding!

Dave Woods
Founder, Think Grand