A welcome message from TG Founder Dave Woods

Welcome, and thank you for visiting Think Grand!

Many of you are probably wondering what Think Grand is all about. As a result, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and my motives to those of you who are curious.

I was born and raised in Escondido, so it goes without saying that I feel a strong connection to this community. It will always be a special place to me.

That said, over the last ten years, I have become frustrated with a variety of problems that have grown in magnitude and continue to plague the city.

At first, my attitude towards these problems left me feeling cynical and bitter about Escondido. However, I've since been fortunate to visit or live in many different areas of California and San Diego, and these experiences have changed my attitude and given me a new appreciation for my home town.

Despite the challenges facing it, I now realize that Escondido possesses many of the same assets and characteristics as some of California’s greatest places. We have something here worth celebrating and building upon.

Yet we can’t turn a blind eye to our problems. They still exist, and some of them are significant, so what should we do about them?

That’s a question that I’ve thought about frequently since moving back to Escondido in 2007. I feel like I've developed hundreds of different ideas and suggestions for improving the city, but I’ve had no place to share them, and no place to hear the ideas of others.

Finally, it hit me... What about leveraging the power of the Web to both promote Escondido's best qualities and provide city residents and groups with a way to come together and develop visionary solutions for the city?

As a Web designer with extensive marketing experience, I knew I had the tools at my disposal to give it a try. The result is the website you’re looking at right now, but it's only the beginning.

My hope is for Think Grand to blossom into a movement that unites the community and transforms apathy and cynicism into problem solving and big ideas.

Together, we can both promote and improve Escondido. It’s time to Think Grand...