Frequently Asked Questions

We're guessing you still have a few unanswered questions about Think Grand. That's why we've compiled some of the questions we hear most often right here on our FAQ page:

Is Think Grand about Grand Avenue only?

No, Think Grand is for all of Escondido — every neighborhood and every person is welcome, and we will promote and discuss items from all areas and aspects of the city. The allusion to Grand Avenue is merely a play on words appropriate for Escondido.

In this case, the meaning of "grand" is synonymous with thinking big, thinking bold, thinking quality. Think Grand participants will function as creative ‘‘idea people’’ for the Escondido community, geared towards positive and constructive solutions.

Is Think Grand a special interest group, non-profit, foundation, or business?

No, none of the above. There is no operating budget and no staff. We don't even have membership dues or forms!

Instead, think of Think Grand as a forum, a mindset, an attitude, and a movement. Think Grand is powered completely by volunteers. People, businesses, and organizations in our community can choose to participate, or not.

To live up to its full potential, Think Grand constantly needs more volunteers who are willing to go the extra mile by writing for TG Topics, planning TG Events, participating regularly on our Facebook page, etc. To learn more about how you can help, please check out our Get Involved section...

Does Think Grand endorse candidates for elected offices in Escondido?

No, absolutely not. Think Grand doesn't believe in dividing the community by telling people who to vote for.

Think Grand didn't yet exist during the last election, but in 2012, one of our goals is to interview all candidates for local office regardless of their ideology and post those interviews on TG Topics. The goal would be to give TG participants as much information as they need (in as unbiased and neutral a way as possible) so that they can arrive at their own informed decision.

Does Think Grand take an official position on specific political issues like the proposed ballpark or charter city?

Nope. Much like the question above about political candidates, we don't tell people how to think on specific issues. Instead, we welcome intelligent and deep discussions about topics like these, but only if all sides, options, and alternatives are represented.

For example, if we discussed the ballpark for a week in TG Topics, it would go something like this... A pro-ballpark guest writer would write the first article on Monday, followed by an anti-ballpark guest writer with alternative ideas in Wednesday's article. The topic would then conclude with a survey on Friday where readers can cast their vote and get a sense of the "pulse" of the community.

Here's another way to answer the question... At its best, Think Grand isn't even about politics. Instead, it's about conversation and community. The more opportunities we have to engage in intelligent discussion and build social connections between Escondido residents who otherwise might never have met, the stronger and more vibrant our community will be. That's the true spirit of Think Grand.

OK, I get it now! How can I Think Grand?

We recommend starting online with either our Facebook page, or our platform for deep and meaningful discussions, TG Topics. Once you're ready to join Think Grand in the real world, then we encourage you to come to one of our TG Events!