Our Goals & Rule(s)

At all times, Think Grand will be guided by the following five goals and principles:

  1. To act as advocates and "cheerleaders" for Escondido
  2. To develop and promote a positive and transformational vision for the future of Escondido
  3. To provide ALL Escondido residents, businesses, and special interest groups — even those who may normally be at odds, or may normally feel ignored — a forum where they can come together to intelligently discuss and contribute to the formation of this vision
  4. To give these residents, businesses, and groups a strong, common platform from which they can communicate their shared vision with city hall and other Escondido decision-makers, all with the goal of influencing important decisions and moving the city forward
  5. To improve the Escondido community by building meaningful personal connections through a strong emphasis on volunteerism and networking

Our one rule

Think Grand likes to keep things simple. That's why we have only one rule that TG participants are asked to follow:

Stay constructive at all times.

What does this mean for Think Grand participants, and why is it so important?

It means that it's not so much about WHAT you say, it's about HOW you say it. All viewpoints are welcome here as long as they are presented in an intelligent and reasonable fashion.

More importantly, it means that you should NEVER, EVER use fear mongering, scare tactics, cynicism, sarcasm, or personal attacks to belittle the viewpoints of other community members or groups. Stick to the issues, stay positive, and focus on solutions.

In that spirit, we do have a sidenote to our one rule (let's call it "rule 1.5")... When taking part in discussions via TG Topics, our online platform for good news and problem solving, you must use your full real name and email address when leaving a comment. Lobbing insults from behind anonymous screen names like "EscoGuy72" is not allowed.

So that's it: Stay constructive. It's a pretty simple and important rule to live by, yet one that evades us all too often. But that's what makes Think Grand different. Now, let's learn a bit more about how Think Grand uses the power of the Web to improve the Escondido community...