We improve our community by building real-world connections

Think Grand is much more than a website. The connections made on the Web allow Think Grand participants to meet face-to-face in a variety of ways. As soon as we can build meaningful, real-world connections with each other, then the real magic will begin to happen as these connections will help us to bridge some of the gaps that currently divide Escondido.

Real-world TG Events include:

  • Networking events
    The goal of these social events is to create personal and professional connections between Escondido residents in the relaxed and informal setting of a locally-owned restaurant or other business.
  • Activity-based events
    From hikes to bike rides, our activity-based events allow participants to meet each other and build friendships based on common interests.
  • Volunteer opportunities
    Numerous Escondido organizations perform amazing community service tasks for our city, but they are often in need of help. Think Grand will work cooperatively to raise the profile of these great causes on the Web with the hope that Think Grand participants will get out and support them whenever they have some free time to volunteer.
  • Attending city council and school board meetings
    Think Grand encourages all participants to attend city council and school board meetings whenever possible.
  • Topical forums and brainstorming sessions
    Think Grand has co-sponsored a successful community forum that allowed a diverse array of community members to come together and discuss community issues and ideas in-depth. We plan on co-sponsoring and hosting similar events again in the future.

The vision for Think Grand is a noble one, and its potential is tremendous, but we need you to get involved! Before you do though, if you have a few more questions, check out our FAQ...