We improve our community by utilizing the power of the Web

The Web will always be the hub and the starting point for Think Grand. As a result, the TG Web strategy has grown over the last few months to include a variety of powerful features designed to spark conversation, keep Escondidans informed, and bring people together.

The TG Web strategy incorporates:

  • TG on Facebook
    Like most Facebook Pages, this is a great place to stay in touch with fellow Think Grand participants, hold quick discussions, and post important announcements.
  • TG Topics
    Topics is our online platform for deep and meaningful discussions centered around good news, problem solving & big ideas. A new topic is presented as often as possible (up to one new topic per week), and each topic contains up to five related individual articles. Most articles are written, but some will include video, audio, photo slideshows, and surveys. Because there will almost never be an "official" Think Grand stance on specific issues, the goal is for TG Topics to represent a wide variety of Escondido-related issues and viewpoints, sometimes with two or more competing viewpoints posted in the same topic.
  • TG2U Email Newsletter
    TG2U is delivered up to once per week to subscribers who have opted in. Typically, TG2U issues announce the TG Topic for the week and include information about upcoming community events. To subscribe, all you have to do is send your name and email address to dave@thinkgrand.org.

Merely a means to an end

As much as the Web can do for us, we have to remember that it is merely a means to an end. If a Web movement is nothing more than a bunch of people typing characters on their keyboards, then how is that any better than all the online newspaper forums that already exist?

Ultimately, any Web-based effort has to translate into real-world experiences, and Think Grand does exactly that...