Get your TG Gear

Many of you have expressed an interest in Think Grand apparel to help spread the word about the movement, and your wish has finally come true! Think Grand has supplied seven different t-shirt logo designs to T-Shirt Mart, one of our community's locally-owned and operated businesses.

How do I get my shirt?

To purchase a Think Grand shirt custom-made just for you, all you have to do is go to T-Shirt Mart, select a shirt from their extensive and affordable selection, take the shirt to the counter and tell them you want to get a Think Grand design printed on the shirt. You can also bring your own shirt from home.

Once you select your design(s), they will print it while you wait! Shirts purchased at the store are priced at around $3 each. Each design print costs about $9 per side, and you can get one on the front of the shirt, one on the back, or both.

What design options are available?

To see samples of a few of the shirts printed by T-Shirt Mart, check out our street faire photo gallery on Facebook and take a look at the options chosen and worn by some of our amazing booth volunteers.

Where is T-Shirt Mart?

Check out the Google map for address and location:

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