Plan Events for TG

Think Grand is a fast-growing movement with a bright future. However, with that growth comes a significant increase in needs, tasks, and duties. In order for an all-volunteer, grassroots movement like Think Grand to reach its full potential, we need your help!

Think Grand essentially boils down to two major components: the TG Website, and our TG Events. This combination of both online conversation and real-world interaction is the key to the movement. However, now that we've grown, the day-to-day tasks are becoming too big for one or two volunteers to handle.

As a result, we're officially accepting applications for new volunteer event planning positions in support of Think Grand! Here are the details:

  • We need at least 3-4 volunteer planners to take a leading role in coordinating 1-2 Think Grand events each month. The reason for this number of planners is to recognize the volunteer nature of the positions, and thus distribute the workload so that no one becomes overworked or burned out.
  • Event planners will be expected to come up with the ideas / locations for, and fully coordinate the implementation of, a variety of event types, including: networking mixers, town halls / discussion forums, community service days, and activity-based events (eg: hikes, tours, etc.)
  • We estimate that each volunteer will probably need to spend 3-5 hours per month planning their designated event

Sound interesting? If so...

Volunteer today!

Submit your application and share both your qualifications and your best ideas for planning future TG Events (*asterisks indicate required answers):