Create Topics for TG

TG Topics is our engaging platform for deep and meaningful online discussions centered around good news, problem solving & big ideas.

Topics is at its best when at least one new article is published each week within a current discussion theme / topic. As you can imagine, generating this volume of content is a tremendous resource for the community — but it's also very time consuming. One volunteer can't do it alone.

For the full potential of Topics to be realized, we need a steady stream of contributors like you who are willing to contribute quality articles and comments and make Topics a success.

Sounds great! How can I help?

You can help TG Topics in one of the following ways:

  1. Join the discussion and comment on an existing article
    Take a look at TG Topics, browse around the existing topics and articles, and add your voice to the mix. The more comments we get, the better!
  2. Create an article to be published within a specific topic
    Articles are usually written (preferably 750 words or less). However, videos, photo slideshows, and audio podcasts are all welcome and encouraged. Regardless of the content type, all articles must have an author name and email address attributed to them to ensure accountability and facilitate discussion in the comments section below each article.

An important note...

Topics is a neutral discussion platform — in other words, we don't take sides on any specific issue. As a result, absolutely all viewpoints are welcome as long as they can be presented in a constructive way. Basically, that means no name-calling, cynicism, or personal attacks allowed.

Count me in! I want to create an article for TG Topics. How do I get started?

Thank you for your interest! All you need to do is submit your idea here (*asterisks indicate required answers):