The Inferiority Complex Ends Now

Published Thursday, July 28th, 2011 by Dave Woods

I presented the pep talk and the concept of the Inferiority Complex as the first-ever weekly topic because meaningful progress will never take place in Escondido unless we collectively undergo a significant attitude adjustment. In fact, when creating Think Grand, I intentionally chose the name as a bold challenge to the Inferiority Complex.

The problem with negativity and cynicism is that they lead to small thinking and a "that will never happen here" attitude. No city, no group, no cause, no person can possibly move forward under those circumstances.

The bottom line: Positive thinking and problem solving do not guarantee success, but they are our best hope because negative thinking absolutely guarantees failure.

I challenge you to do better. I challenge you to Think Grand and combat the Escondido Inferiority Complex every single day. Here's how:

  1. Find "Your Escondido"
    Every one of us has hobbies, interests, and other passions. Find things about Escondido that match your interests, and get involved. If you love hiking and nature, then make frequent use of our parks and special destinations like Dixon Lake or Daley Ranch, and even volunteer in things like trash pickup or trail restoration if you have the time. If you love kids, volunteer in one of our schools. If literacy and learning are important to you, help out at the library. If you're a budding entrepreneur, take the leap and start your new business right here, and then consider ways in which you can get involved with the local business community. Find Your Escondido, and embrace it without reservation.
  2. Brag relentlessly about Your Escondido
    Once you've found Your Escondido, tell the world about it. When you're at a party and people ask you where you live, say it proudly, and tell them why you like it so much. I want you to take a cue from users of Apple products and become ardent "fanboys" and "fangirls" who passionately love the city they call home. No more "I like Escondido, but...." Instead, tell people "I love Escondido." Period.
  3. Acknowledge real problems and deal with them in the correct way: constructively
    Part of loving someone or something involves being honest enough to confront and discuss issues when they arise. Do NOT gloss over problems and act like they don't exist. Instead, work to solve them, in ways big and small. If you see a problem, come up with your own innovative solution, and offer it either here via Think Grand, or by writing your elected officials directly. Don't contribute to the "battle of no" by dismissing other people's ideas out of hand. Instead, offer your own great idea, discuss things openly and honestly, and try to compromise. We won't always agree, but we have to realize that even our "opponents" want the same thing we do — to improve Escondido. Stay constructive with an eye towards innovation at all times.

That's it, your three-step process to ending the Inferiority Complex and building a better Escondido. The changes won't happen overnight, but if we stick to the plan, keep a positive attitude, and work together, there's no problem our community can't solve.

Discussion topic: What's Your Escondido?

Many of you reading have already found your Escondido, and we need to hear about it! Share your favorite activities, groups, businesses, and characteristics of our community here so that others can become involved as well:

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  1. I moved to the Old Escondido Historic District 10 years ago. It didn't take long to get involved in the activities here - the annual Mothers Day Home Tour, the summer barbecue, and rummage sale for starters - but then I joined the Board of Directors and now I'm President. It's extremely rewarding helping our neighbors and sharing this very special resource with others locally and even with others from around the world!

    I've also enjoyed representing the OEHD at meetings of other organizations around the City, including Bravo, Escondido!, the Downtown Business Association, Friends of Grape Day Park, and Reveal Escondido Creek. There are plenty of wonderful organizations here doing amazing things and they can use any kind of help people are willing to provide.

    I've also become more interested in working directly with City government; I applied for and was appointed to the Historic Preservation Commission and the Design Review Board. Both organizations provide amazing service to the community and I'm proud of the people I serve with.

    There are times when I think I should sit back and "enjoy" my retirement at a slower pace, but I don't seem to be able to make that happen. It's just too important to me to do something about what I believe in rather than leaving it to someone else!

    Comment by Carol Rea on August 1, 2011 at 1:17 PM


    FAV PLACE TO BE ON TUES AFTERNOON: downtown farmers' market on Grand (also, fav place to buy a bunch of flowers for $4!)

    HUSBAND'S FAV PLACE TO MTN BIKE: Daley Ranch (also best place for an off-road run)

    FAV BANKING EXPERIENCE: First Republic (on Grand)

    FAV EARLY EVENING THING TO DO: Take a drive on 78 towards the Safari Park and watch the golden sunset rays over the San Pasqual Valley

    FAV EARLY MORNING THING TO DO: putter in my backyard garden - we can grow almost anything out here!

    FAV SUCCESSFUL MOM-AND-POP SHOP: Gerardy Photography (school pictures)


    FAV PLACE TO PUSH A STROLLER: historic downtown Escondido neighborhoods

    FAV FRIDAY NIGHT EVENT: Cruisin' Grand

    FAV THINGS TO DO WITH MY 3-YEAR-OLD: feed ducks at Kit Carson park, take photos of him at Queen Califia's Garden, watch older kids skate at the Esco Skate Park, walk the dog at Lake Hodges or Felicita Park, play at the Children's Museum, go look at the reptiles at LLL Reptile, check out the birds at Bird Haven, stay up late on Sat night to share a plate of fries and listen to live blues or jazz at Vinz, attend storytime at Starbucks on Tuesdays at 11:00 (near Major Market), eat sambusas at the farmers' market, stop for a snack and an espresso at Escondido Joe's, say 'hi' to Blackjack the African gray parrot at the barbershop.

    FORMER FAV COFFEE SHOP: Blue Mug, turned Porter's, on Kalmia. Sadly, neither survived.

    Comment by Jessica Petrencsik on August 1, 2011 at 3:36 PM

  3. We moved here eleven years ago from Arcadia, CA, to have acreage and clean smog-free air.
    We love it here:I am part of" Bravo Escondido committee", volunteer at the library and Escondido Humane Society, ride our horses at Daley ranch, attend Cruisin' Grand, and generally enjoy the proximity to so many wonderful things to see and do. Our valley is beautiful, but there is much room for improvement to perk up our image. We can literally buy and have anything fixed here, and the restaurant situation is improving. HOWEVER, there are Many areas which are tarnishing our image to ourselves and others: run-down properties in very visible locations: corner of Washington and Centre City Pky, towing and tire companies along Centre City Parkway which should be a gateway to our wonderful city. I realize the economy is a HUGE part of this, but grass-roots movements can make a big difference. I applaud you, Dave for inspiring us. If we can tackle a specific situation, it can have a trickle-down effect.

    Comment by Sharon I Fry on August 12, 2011 at 8:54 AM

  4. Fear not Jessica, the Blue Mug has a second location on El Norte Parkway in the same complex as Escondido's fantastic Cenote Grill. Also, don't forget those giant cinnamon rolls at Champions! Now if we could get that AAA ballpark my life would be complete.

    Comment by Teresa Everett on November 3, 2011 at 6:05 PM

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